Pterodactyl Picture Has Been Found!

After some looking and cleaning I found the picture and now you get to see how bad I am at drawing without looking at the picture but I am getting better at drawing things that are in front of me (like shoes). The reason I am drawing shoes is that I am doing a project in art class where you need to draw accurate shoes. Hopefully I will get that picture on here pretty soon. 🙂


Yup that picture is weird. 🙂




So I couldn’t find the pterodactyl picture but I did find some other pictures the first one I did mostly if I got my work done in school early and after tests. This one isn’t that recent though because I haven’t really done that much. I like the squirrel in the corner personally. 🙂

This is why I do not like drawing books

I don’t like drawing books because I always get messed up and the drawing turns out looking bad. I am not blaming the drawing books themselves I just have a rough time using them. sometimes with the more simple ones I can do pretty good. Most of the time when I try using them I trace the finished result. This picture was when I actually tried using the book the way it was supposed too. I did this when I was either six of seven but you know, I still have a hard time the drawing books when I try to use them correctly. This was (if you can believe it) a drawing a Cinderella.