Offline Art

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been in school and haven’t had any time but the good thing is that I have been doing art and I hope it will be on soon. I have been practicing doing art without looking at the paper and just at the thing I want to draw and it is funny to watch and to do (even though it looks terrible). I tried to draw a cartoon pterodactyl and it just looks weird so I want to post those soon so you can see them and know what I mean by the look weird. In art class we are also learning to draw pixelated pictures of people and the person I am doing is David Tennant so when I finish that I will post that a little bit after. Another thing that I just did was a tessellation which is basically a pattern that fits perfectly together (I did crowns). A little off topic but I am excited for the 50th anniversary (November 23 2013) of Doctor Who!