Cat photos!

While in my lull of drawing I decided to take some photos of my cat Oreo with my phone and some of them turned out pretty good so here is the first one. I would say she was shocked 🙂



Art flow

You know sometimes that you really draw a lot and then you just don’t for a while because you’re not really in any mood too. That is why I haven’t been on for a while, I just haven’t been in the mood. I don’t like this time because I really like to draw but it just frustrates me when I try to at this time. Anyway before this happened I started a different picture of  fish, I need to add more to it though. Any ideas of any other sea creatures than a fish, starfish, and a seahorse?

Thanks, Platinum Giraffe

Cat Loaf!

So whenever I try to do a big piece of art for school or just for fun I usually lay the paper on the ground so I can work on it easier but every time I do that one of my cats lays on it. They will not get off of it until I leave or the spot they were laying on gets warm. Sometimes they cat loaf on it. If you are not aware of this term it means when a cat tucks its legs under its body and looks like a loaf of bread. ( I found out this term in a book called The Big Book of Girl Stuff in the animals section) This “loafing” is what my cats do every day. So it either means when they lay on my art that they like what I am drawing or they need a cool spot to cool themselves down. I’m going with the second one. 😉

This is why I do not like drawing books

I don’t like drawing books because I always get messed up and the drawing turns out looking bad. I am not blaming the drawing books themselves I just have a rough time using them. sometimes with the more simple ones I can do pretty good. Most of the time when I try using them I trace the finished result. This picture was when I actually tried using the book the way it was supposed too. I did this when I was either six of seven but you know, I still have a hard time the drawing books when I try to use them correctly. This was (if you can believe it) a drawing a Cinderella.