Pterodactyl Picture Has Been Found!

After some looking and cleaning I found the picture and now you get to see how bad I am at drawing without looking at the picture but I am getting better at drawing things that are in front of me (like shoes). The reason I am drawing shoes is that I am doing a project in art class where you need to draw accurate shoes. Hopefully I will get that picture on here pretty soon. 🙂


Yup that picture is weird. 🙂



So I couldn’t find the pterodactyl picture but I did find some other pictures the first one I did mostly if I got my work done in school early and after tests. This one isn’t that recent though because I haven’t really done that much. I like the squirrel in the corner personally. 🙂

Offline Art

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I’ve been in school and haven’t had any time but the good thing is that I have been doing art and I hope it will be on soon. I have been practicing doing art without looking at the paper and just at the thing I want to draw and it is funny to watch and to do (even though it looks terrible). I tried to draw a cartoon pterodactyl and it just looks weird so I want to post those soon so you can see them and know what I mean by the look weird. In art class we are also learning to draw pixelated pictures of people and the person I am doing is David Tennant so when I finish that I will post that a little bit after. Another thing that I just did was a tessellation which is basically a pattern that fits perfectly together (I did crowns). A little off topic but I am excited for the 50th anniversary (November 23 2013) of Doctor Who!















Art flow

You know sometimes that you really draw a lot and then you just don’t for a while because you’re not really in any mood too. That is why I haven’t been on for a while, I just haven’t been in the mood. I don’t like this time because I really like to draw but it just frustrates me when I try to at this time. Anyway before this happened I started a different picture of  fish, I need to add more to it though. Any ideas of any other sea creatures than a fish, starfish, and a seahorse?

Thanks, Platinum Giraffe

Cat Loaf!

So whenever I try to do a big piece of art for school or just for fun I usually lay the paper on the ground so I can work on it easier but every time I do that one of my cats lays on it. They will not get off of it until I leave or the spot they were laying on gets warm. Sometimes they cat loaf on it. If you are not aware of this term it means when a cat tucks its legs under its body and looks like a loaf of bread. ( I found out this term in a book called The Big Book of Girl Stuff in the animals section) This “loafing” is what my cats do every day. So it either means when they lay on my art that they like what I am drawing or they need a cool spot to cool themselves down. I’m going with the second one. 😉